Termite Mounds are Helping Harvard Researchers Create Energy-Efficient Buildings

A pair of students at Harvard University have uncovered the key to termite mound ventilation. Hunter King and Samuel Ocko announced their discovery recently at this year’s American Physical Society meeting. They think what they’ve learned might help with making

How to Identify Florida’s Poisonous Spiders

We don’t know if Little Miss Muffet was sitting on a tuffet in Florida when she was frightened away by a spider who sat down beside her but we do know that Florida is home to two species of poisonous

10 Pests Floridians Love to Hate

Floridians don’t have to contend with shoveling snow, but they do have to deal with humidity and bugs. In fact, pest control is a must if you don’t want to be overtaken by “creepy little critters” in your home or

9 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen from Going “Buggy”

The kitchen is usually reserved for family cooking and dining. Did you know that you may have some uninvited guests there, too? Cockroaches, rodents, fruit flies, ants and pantry pests are looking for food in your well-stocked kitchen. If you

Will “Mini Draculas” Be Vacationing With You in Your Hotel Room?

Are you feeling itchy just thinking about the possibility of finding bed bugs in your hotel room? Bedbugs are reddish brown oval – shaped insects that can be up to a quarter of an inch long. This species does not

Caring for Your Lawn During the Cold Florida Months

You have to love the winters here in Florida. One day it’s 80 degrees and perfect outside, the next it’s 55 degrees, damp and overcast. This moving target of a season can cause our Florida lawns to go through some

Pro-Staff Announces New Wildlife Control Services

We’re excited as a company to announce a new division of our business. Pro-Staff Pest Control will now be offering humane, nuisance wildlife control services. Bob Welch, president of Pro-Staff was excited to make the announcement and expand their service

Termite Season Is Upon Us: Prep Your Home For Termite Prevention

It’s January in Florida and while the temperature is dipping down a bit and most insects are not active, a sinister, wood-hungry pest is just waking up. Subterranean Termite season in Florida starts ramping up in January and continues on

4 Florida Pests To Look Out For In January

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! OK, so you probably won’t see many lions and tigers in your Central Florida yard this month. Bears, maybe, but not as likely as there are other pests that tend to invade your

How to Control Houseplant Pests

Winter has arrived, and this means some insects are now invading some of your precious houseplants. This is a common problem, especially in winter, but how can you avoid these pests ruining your houseplants that you’ve worked so hard to