Dealing With Palmetto Bugs in Your Florida Home

The presence of palmetto bugs in our homes can be startling.  Though their name is somewhat of a euphemism, palmetto bugs are also called the “Florida woods cockroach”, and they quite large for a species of cockroach (1 ½ to 2 inches in length).  Palmetto bugs thrive in Florida because of the abundance of damp areas and frequent humid weather.  Though palmetto bugs are more commonly found outside in foliage, trees, and sheltered outdoor areas, Palmetto bugs may be attracted to certain areas within our homes, such as bathrooms and other areas with perpetual damp areas (kitchen, laundry room).

Some families are terrified of the notion of having a Palmetto bug infestation, and decide to find any means of eliminating this pest.  There is a very real problem of the threats that come along with the cockroach, not necessarily what they are capable of doing alone.  It has been reported that cockroaches are able to spread 33 kinds of bacteria, six different parasitic worms, and several other harmful human pathogens.

One helpful way to keep palmetto bugs out of your house is baiting.  Here are some tips on effective cockroach baiting in your home:

•    Strategic placement of bait.  You want to plan out where the cockroaches are moving throughout the house, not just where you’re finding them.  Put them in areas that you believe to be “traffic zones” for the pests.
•    You can use baits in conjunction with insecticides if you want to expedite the process.
•    Just because you have laid bait down doesn’t mean you can proceed with the habits you had prior to an infestation.  You will need to keep a routine of good sanitation, proper storage of food and waste, and reducing the number of places cockroaches can hide.

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