Avoid Pests While You’re Away On Vacation

Whether you’re getting ready for a future spring break vacation or you’re just taking a weekend trip to the beach, coming home to pests and insects is not something we tend to look forward to following our return. Whether you live in an apartment or a home, preventing pests from entering your home is a must, especially while you are away. Before you take off on your vacation, keep in mind a few pest prevention tips that will help you avoid coming home to unwelcomed guests. If you suspect you have an infestation following your vacation, call your Orlando termite control and pest prevention company.

1. Clean your home! It’s most important to take out trash, clean the dishes, and avoid leaving food out while you are away. Just a few dirty plates can attract ants and even roaches. Food left in a garbage can can attract rodents and insects as well, and should be taken out before you leave.

2. Check your pantry and throw out or properly store open packages so you don’t come home to pantry bugs. If products like pasta, rice or flour aren’t properly stored, you might end up with weevils and other insects in your food.

3. Seal the cracks of your door. While this should be done regardless of whether you are going on vacation or not, cracks should be sealed to prevent mice and insects from sneaking inside. They will be attracted to food and warmth, so it’s best to prevent their arrival beforehand!

4. Remove brush and leaf piles from around your home to avoid housing pests and termites. An improperly maintained lawn can be a path into your home for insects. An Orlando termite control company can perform an inspection in and around your home to make sure you are termite and pest free.

5. Make sure your faucets are completely off and not leaking. Moisture attracts termites, roaches and other pests, so it’s important to remove the moisture before leaving your home unattended. Should you come home to a pest problem, call your Orlando termite control and pest prevention company before the problem gets worse.

It’s important to always be aware of pests in your home and to call a pest control company to make sure the situation doesn’t become overbearing. Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control is an Orlando termite control and pest prevention company that will keep pests from coming back all year around. Call us today at 407-292-7378 to schedule your free inspection.