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by Bill Weld G.M. on ProStaff Pest Control
Drain Flies gone

We had a persistent problem with these pesky little flies in our business, but Prostaff came through in a big way. They put down a foaming agent that got rid of them in a matter of day. Very Pleased

by Theresa Benfield on ProStaff Pest Control

Travis and Ira searched for evidence of termites at my home today. They were very thorough and gave me good news. My home is not harboring termites. I just want to thank them publicly. I appreciate their demeanor and their work ethic. They are great ambassadors for Pro-Staff. Theresa Benfield, a delighted customer


Last week my pest control service was due. Chris pulled up to my house while I was about to pick up my kids from school. Which was my fault because I forgot about the appointment . My elderly mother was at home, and I had the tech do the service while I was gone. I've trusted prostaff for years so I was comfortable with them there. Little did I know when I came home my mother informed me that Chris . 1 took out the trash for my mother 2 brought the the trash cans from the road back to the house . I'm sure she informed him that I was supposed to do that but I forgot. I was supposed to write this last week but again I forgot but my mother keeps reminding me and clearly hasn't forgotten. So impressed how far above these guys go.

by Greg Nassar on ProStaff Pest Control
Great service

Friendly staff at the Longwood office. The technician Daniel was professional and thorough. Daniel is a great asset to your company. I would recommend your company to anyone who needs pest control services

Love Pro-Staff

Pro-Staff does amazing work and my lawn has never looked better!

Wiped out German Cockroacches

I own a condo a mile from Disney that I rent out to visitors. It started in Feb that a visitor said they saw cockroaches in the condo. Shocked (had owned and rented out the condo for 8 years and no bugs), I contacted the HOA to take action. They had their bug company attend to the problem. But they did not go away. Guest keep reporting bugs during Feb and March. At the end of March I myself took bug spray and Borax to the condo to try to kill off the problem. Still the bugs would be crawling out after dark. I had to cancel and fully refund 2 visitor stays (costing me clost to $2000). Thats when I decided I better try a professional that I hired. I reviewed a bunch of the top national companies and read all the reviews I could find. I found out that German cockroach infestation is one of the hardest bug problems to eliminate. Pro-staff seemed to have an actual a plan on dealing with the roaches. The first visit among other things they use special equipment to Blast roach eradicator into the cracks in your cabinet walls to get to those dark areas where they lay the eggs. Then they had a 2cd visit 2 weeks later to double check everything. The charge was $350. That was quite a bit of money, BUT It I WAS DESPARATE. The staff on the phone assured me that the intial Blast pretty much wiped the roaches out in 90% of the time. Guess what, I visited the condo a couple of days after the first Treatment. NO LIVE BUGS TO BE SEEN. My wife and I were so happy. It has been about 3 weeks now and several guests have stayed in the condo. NO BUG COMPLAINTS. Thank you pro-staff (and to you Travis) your sytem worked beautiflly. You were worth every penny of the cost.

Edgar's Enthusiasm

I have a large yard on water that is in constant need of attention and I hate when it doesn't look its best. Edgar Camacho also hates when it doesn't look its best. I have never had anyone as enthusiastic about my yard. Edgar goes out of his way to explain exactly what he's doing and what's going to happen next. He truly seems to love what he does! Thank you Edgar!!!!

by Heather Farrell on ProStaff Pest Control
Truly amazing company!!!

I've never dealt with such amazing people. I'm currently renting a house that came overcome with termites. I called my landlord and he contacted pro staff. They came out to check in a record time! Bob the technician was very professional and great when it came to putting my dog at ease with him being in the house. Bob the manager also came and indulged my toddlers in their fascination with him. I had an appt scheduled for wed but got a call on Monday from bob the manager asking if he could come out and get the process started( I HATE bugs so that was a definite yes!). While Bob was here I asked him about the flea treatment they had for yards and he set me up with an appt the very next day! He told me because he was being an inconvenience that he wouldn't charge me. edger was the person who treated my yard and was so friendly. Nick was another who helped treat my yard and was very polite and didn't ignore my children when they wanted to examine what he was doing. I appreciate all they have done for me and couldn't recommend a better company! Pro staff will definitely be who I tell everyone about and have already handed their phone number out to all my friends! Thank you guys so much!!!!!! You guys were informative with what you guys were doing and very thorough! If your a new customer looking for any of their services I would make the call today! They are so friendly and make sure all your needs are met and give the southern hospitality that you can't find anywhere else!

Termite Problem No More

My husband and I bought our house in Tuskawilla area in October of last year. We had only been in the house for a little over 3 months and found some winged bugs. We had several companies come out to the house and when Jason came out and explained to us and walked us through the process and did not sound like he was reading a script my husband and I knew that this was the company to use. We felt comfortable right away and had the house treated within a week. We have no issue and are planning on using them for all pest control.
Thank you Jason for easing our minds

by David Hardee on ProStaff Pest Control
A class act

To future customers of Pro Staff pest-control I want to give an employee's perspective,Bob Welch has created one of the finest organizations that I have work for in the past 25 years of pest control.The management staff Ken,Bob Jr. and Chad are outstanding,the girls in the office are some of the best I have work with!The technicians in the field are committed to service and excellent ,if you have any hesitation about this company don't it is one of the finest in Central Florida.
It was my honor sincerely Dave Hardee

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