Orlando Irrigation

One of the things about living in Florida is the fact that, with some effort, you can achieve a beautiful lawn. You can ensure your lawn receives the treatments it requires, mow it at the correct intervals, and water on a schedule needed. Yet, you may still notice several of brown spots, and you suspect your irrigation system is to blame. Orlando irrigation repair specialists, Pro-Staff, are now happy to offer their customers the benefits of a well-maintained irrigation system with the addition of their Irrigation Division. Customers can choose a bi-monthly maintenance program to keep their irrigation system running at optimum efficiency.

The Bi-Monthly Irrigation Maintenance Program includes:

  • Examining all zones of your lawn and fine-tuning sprinkler heads to establish correct watering coverage for your whole lawn.
  • Free replacement of broken sprinkler heads.
  • Readjusting your irrigation system’s controllers for precise watering times and longevity.
  • Inspect the rain sensors, valves, and more.

Our trained and certified irrigation specialists will also leave a detailed report after each visit, explaining what exactly was done to your system. Also, if your irrigation system requires any repairs beyond what the Pro-Staff Irrigation Maintenance Program covers, you will receive a 15% discount. To our loyal, current customers: how about $25.00 off our new irrigation services?

Service Calls:

Perhaps you just want a one-time service call by our irrigation repair division? Pro-Staff can help you with the following:

  • Correcting deficiencies
  • Replacing damaged or leaky sprinkler heads
  • Adjustment of coverage
  • Calibrating systems
  • Upgrading older systems

Installation of a New Irrigation System:

Watering your lawn is too important for its health for a do-it-yourself project. Let the irrigation system professionals at Pro-Staff handle installing your irrigation system. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding how to set up the system, such as:

  • Types of grass
  • Types of trees
  • Types of shrubs
  • Types of flowers
  • The amount of shade and sun
  • The slope of your property

All of those things will affect the state of your lawn if your new irrigation system isn’t installed with all those things in mind. Don’t take chances with your lawn’s health! Let Pro-Staff install your irrigation system the correct way the first time.

It is time to stop putting so much energy, time, and money into your lawn to just have it undermined by an ill-functioning irrigation system. With our complete satisfaction guarantee, or your money back promise, you have nothing to lose but your battle with your irrigation system. Call Pro-Staff today at (407) 292-PEST for the best in Orlando irrigation repair and services.