Orlando Lawn Care

7F2A2649Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control provides the best lawn care in Orlando to keep your lawn in excellent condition while remaining pest free throughout the year. Our lawn care professionals regularly maintain your lawn to ensure your lawn is continuing active growth and color and is remaining free from insect and disease problems.

To keep your lawn in top shape, our Orlando lawn care professionals use liquid and dry fertilization treatments that give your lawn proper nutrients to fight off disease and to protect from insects. A lawn care treatment schedule should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that your lawn is consistently healthy and with Pro-Staff Termite & Pest Control, we will give you peace of mind knowing that your lawn receiving proper upkeep.

Throughout the year, you will receive a visit from our professional Orlando pest control company who will treat your lawn according to your lawns’ condition and the season. Learn more about our treatment schedule and the objective for each visit:

St. Augustine Grass Treatment Schedule

Season Purpose of each service visit to your lawn
December / January Our winter visit is important to your lawn’s appearance in the cooler months of the year. We will inspect and treat for insects, if necessary. Because many lawns continue active growth during the winter, we apply a special fertilizer to enhance root growth and winter color.
February / March Our early spring visit promotes green-up and recovery from winter stress. The fertilization and/or weed control products applied will control existing winter weeds and thicken your lawn to prevent future weed problems.
April / May We fertilize your lawn to maintain its color and improve turf vigor into the summer. Your lawn is also inspected for insect and disease problems. We also apply a specially formulated fertilizer to maintain your lawn’s density and color.
June / July Because of potential stress from summer heat, we inspect your lawn for weed, insect and disease problems. If excessive crabgrass is a problem, we will discuss control options available to you. We also apply a specially formulated fertilizer to maintain your lawn’s density and color.
August / September Early fall is the time to rejuvenate your lawn recovering from summer stress. This visit thickens the grass, promotes root growth and turf color. We also inspect for insects and treat as needed.
October / November Our late fall fertilizer promotes root growth and plant vigor important to winter survivability and early spring green-up. Fall weed problems will be treated as well.