5 Ways to Have an Insect-Free Backyard Party

Nothing ruins a backyard party faster than uninvited guests like mosquitoes, ants, or bees. At best, these bugs are annoying. At worst, they can give your guests painful stings, or in the case of mosquitoes, spread dangerous diseases. The Orlando

Hot Weather + Heavy Rain = MOSQUITOES

The summer months bring hot weather and heavy rain to Central Florida. In these conditions, mosquitoes can become a big problem, and Seminole County pest control companies are there to help. Here’s why hot weather and heavy rain are so

How to Hire a Pest Control Company

Many types of pests cause problems for homeowners and business owners in Central Florida. Cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, termites, and other pests can invade properties. If you have a pest problem and want to hire an Orlando pest control company, you

Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

Florida’s warm, humid weather is the perfect environment for many types of pests. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, rodents, and more can thrive in the Sunshine State. If any of these pests have invited themselves into your home or business, you may

How Weather Affects Insect Problems

Weather conditions can have an impact on insect populations. In some weather conditions, insects thrive, while in other conditions, they don’t do as well. The Orlando pest control experts at Pro-Staff are here to explain the effects of weather on

The Right Times to Water Your Grass

To keep your lawn looking its best, you need to water it on the right schedule. But when are the right times to water your grass? Here are some tips from the Orlando irrigation experts at Pro-Staff. Water Early in

Curb Appeal: Ways to Spice Up Your Home from the Outside

The way your home looks from the street can make it more appealing to potential buyers. If you’re ready to sell your home, spicing up your home’s exterior can help. The Orlando lawn care experts at Pro-Staff have some tips

4 Ways to Ensure You Have the Best Lawn on the Block

Do you want the best lawn on the block? By following a few simple Orlando lawn care tips, you can reach that goal. Here are four ways to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Mow Your Lawn High

How to Defeat Pests in Your Restaurant

No restaurant owner wants to find pests in their restaurant. Mice, rats, and cockroaches can contaminate your kitchen and scare off your customers. Pests can even harm your restaurant’s reputation. The Orlando pest control experts at Pro-Staff have some tips

7 Shocking Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide

Bed bugs can be found in hotel rooms, but you don’t need to go on vacation to encounter these pests. Seminole County pest control experts know that bed bugs can be found in shocking locations. Here are seven shocking places