5 Tips for Green & Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Pesticides can be dangerous, so it makes sense to use them only as a last resort; there are many green and eco-friendly pest control methods that you can try first. Orlando pest control professionals recommend these five tips. Seal Entry

Interesting Facts About Common Wildlife

Floridians encounter many wild animals on a regular basis, and while these animals can become a nuisance, they’re also quite interesting. The Orlando wildlife removal experts at Pro-Staff are here with some fascinating facts about Florida’s local wildlife. Squirrels Squirrels

How Pest Professionals Give Homeowners Peace of Mind

Pest infestations are a big worry for many homeowners. Your home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and more importantly, it’s where you live; you can’t afford to have pests take over. For peace of mind, homeowners turn to

How Does Weather Affect Wildlife?

While Florida doesn’t get as cold as northern states, winter nights can be chilly. Have you ever wondered how the state’s wildlife handles the cold weather? The Orlando wildlife removal experts at Pro-Staff have the details. Raccoons Raccoons are very

What a Change in Climate Means for Florida Wildlife

The weather changes every day, but climate changes are more long-term. In the past century, the Florida peninsula has warmed more than one degree (F). That may not sound like much, but for Florida’s wildlife, the changing climate can pose

Keeping Kids Safe While Keeping Pests Out

Pests like cockroaches and rodents can expose your family to diseases. The pesticides you might use to control those pests can be dangerous, too. Parents have to be careful to protect their kids from pesticides.The experts at Pro-Staff are well-aware

What Happens to Raccoons in Cold Weather?

The winter months bring chilly weather to the Orlando area; temperatures can drop below freezing overnight. Local wildlife, like raccoons, have to be adaptable to survive. Orlando wildlife removal professionals are very familiar with raccoons’ winter habits. Keeping Warm As

Preparing for a Heavy Termite Season

As soon as warmer spring weather comes, termite swarming season begins. This is when termites seek out areas for new colonies. For some unlucky homeowners, these new colonies will be in their homes! This is a major concern in the

What Insect Are You?

Pest control experts encounter all kinds of stinging insects. Just for fun, take this quiz and learn which stinging insect (hornet, solitary wasp, yellowjacket, or Africanized bee) you’re most like. Give yourself one point for every A answer, two points

5 Ways to Keep Wild Animals in the Wild & Not in Your Home

Wild animals may be cute and cuddly when they’re in the wild, but they’re not quite as appealing inside your house. To keep wild animals outside where they belong, try these five strategies.   Ensure Your Home’s Exterior is in